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      United States of America
      State of New York
      Department of State
      It is hereby certified, that XXX was Clerk of the County of New York in the State of New York, and Clerk of the Supreme Court therein, being a Court of Record, on the day of the date of the annexed certificate, and duly authorized to grant same; that the seal affixed to said certificate is the seal of said County and Court; that the attestation thereof of said Clerk is in due form and executed by the proper officer; and that full faith and credit may and ought to be given to said Clerk’s official acts.
      In Testimony Whereof, the Department of the State seal is hereunto affixed.
      Witness my hand at the city of New York
      this 8th day of August Two Thousand and Eight
      Sandra J. Tallman
      Special Deputy Secretary of State


      Sandra J. Tallman


      Whose name is subscribed to the deposition certificate of acknowledgment or proof of the annexed instrument was, at the time of taking same, a Notary Public in the State of New York; duly commissioned, sworn and qualified to act as such throughout the State of New York; that pursuant to a law, commission, or a certificate of his/her appointment and qualifications, and his /her signature have been filed in my office.
      As such Notary Public he/she was authorized by the laws of New York to administer oaths and affirmations, receive and certify the acknowledge or proof of deeds, mortages, powers of attorney and other written instruments for land, tenements and hereditaments to be read in evidence or recorded in this state, to protest notes and to take and certify affidavits and depositions; and that I am well acquanted with teh handwriting of such Notary Public, or have compared the signature on teh annexed instrument with his signature deposited in my office, and believe that the signature is genuine in witness whereof; I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal to this ***


      該公證人有權根據法律授權公證在本州登記的土地、房屋及可繼承財產的契據、抵押、授權書以及其他書面文件,其所做出的公證應得到充分認可;本人非常熟悉該公證人的筆跡,并已對比了此附件上的簽 名與本處檔案中的簽名,證明該文件上的簽名真實有效;本人于XXXX 予以蓋章證明。
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